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HALLOWEEN Voice Talent

Russ Russ

Availability: TODAY

Deep, Rugged, Resonant: A talent with great vocal depth.

Halloween - High Scary

Halloween - Deep Scary

Halloween - Deeper Scary

Emma Simpson

Availability: OUT

Out due to illness. Please check back for an update.

Warm, Professional, Vibrant: A polished voice talent who has a very versatile range from smooth & warm to personable and bubbly.

Halloween - Witch

Music: Celebrate It 4-31

Hugh Kelly

Availability: TODAY

Out until 11:00am (ET); Out at 2:00pm (ET) then good for 3:00pm (ET) tomorrow delivery

Clean, Crisp, Versatile: Not only is he the right choice for friendly, down home voiceovers, he can also make a serious and dramatic read stand out.

Halloween - "Chiller"

Full Production with 2 Music Tracks and SFX! Spooky Music: Celebrate It 4-24. R&B Music: QX 3-31.

Halloween - Dr. Frankenstein & Igor

Halloween - Dracula

Music: Celebrate It 4-27

Halloween - Scary

Music: Celebrate It 4-30

Anita Westra

Availability: TODAY

Personable, Versatile, Mature: A distinctive voice with great range.

Halloween - Witch

Music: Celebrate It 4-39

James McDonnell

Availability: TODAY

Out at 4:30pm (ET) then good for tomorrow morning delivery

Versatile, animated, conversational, and relatable. Perfect for a wide-range of projects.

Halloween - Dracula & Renfield

Halloween - Haunted House

Marty Moran

Availability: TODAY

Young, Fresh, Light: Marty has a flair for reads that are smooth and flowing or filled with upbeat, youthful vigor.

Halloween - The Crypt Keeper

Music: Celebrate It 4-36

Halloween - Dracula

Music: Celebrate It 4-31

Melissa Kotz

Availability: TODAY

Deep, Sincere, Energetic: A rich voice who is persuasively authoritative.

Halloween - Witch

Music: Celebrate It 4-26

Jay Peck

Availability: TODAY

Resonant, powerful, bluesy... A booming voice that plays well to the extremes.

Halloween - Haunted House

Music: Celebrate-It 04-38. Flange Vocal SFX added (vocal SFX is an additional cost)