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Adding a second (or third... or fourth!) voice to your spot creates depth and drama! Ask us to add sound effects to complete your story!

Multi-Voice: Auto Show

Chris Bruns & Billy Asher

Tight editing of contrasting male voices and galloping, hard-driving music keep this spot moving! Music: QX 1-53.

Multi-Voice: Texting

Billy Asher & Justine Favaro

Messaging SFX throughout bring this conversational spot to life! Music: Royalty Free-Positive Biz 2-10

Multi-Voice: Home Improvement

Emma Simpson & Anita Westra

Humorous "DIY Disaster" :30 with Female Character VO and Custom SFX!

Multi-Voice: Husband & Wife

Genny Brown, Billy Asher, Anita Westra, & Keith Anderson

A woman gets her Birthday wish, a new home! The spot opens with Custom SFX, and ends with an impatient guest and announcer outro.

Melissa Kotz, Keith Anderson, & Tim Michaels

A couple solve their tax problems with SFX and help from a friendly announcer! Music: Royalty Free-Latin Splash 7.

Multi-Voice: Office Monkey

Marty Moran & Billy Asher

Multi-Voice :30 Office spot, including custom Monkey SFX!