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Full Production

Let Speedy Spots' Production Team add affordable OOMPH! to your voice over with your existing jingle, OR with nearly 4,000 Music tracks and 2,100 stock Sound Effects in our library to choose from. We even have the ability to produce CUSTOM sound effects or dialogue in our in-house studio! Charges start at $15 for Music and $15 for SFX.

Full Production: GIANT!

Genny Brown

An approaching GIANT means... savings?!? Music: MIX 33-76.

Full Production: SFX!

Cassidy Reed

Light-hearted :60 with Stock SFX & Custom Group Voice SFX created in our in-house studio! Music: Royalty Free - Comedy 33.

Full Production: The Main Event!

Mark Stevens

Vocal effects and the sounds of Fight Night promote a car dealership! Music: Royalty Free - Sports Rock 17.

Full Production: Zombies!

Russ Russ

A creepy Character VO and spine-tingling music and SFX set the scene! EEEK! Music: Celebrate It 4-39.

Full Production: Heavy Production - Male

Johnny Dean

Wall-to-Wall Sound & Vocal Effects! 3 Music tracks! Aggressive, Hard-Sell VO! Music: MIX 33-2, QX 16-21, Studio Cutz - Digital 03-10.

Full Production: Heavy Production - Female

Genny Brown

Our Production Team can fit a WHOLE LOT into 30 seconds! This Election-themed Auto Sales spot features SIX music changes and NINE Sound Effects! Music: MIX 36-27, MIX 33-48 50 52 & 54.