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Mission Statement

For decades the task of acquiring voiceover talent was neither fast nor affordable. You either waited for the talent to come to your studio, or your audio was produced somewhere else. And delivery ...well it sure wasn’t done by the click of a button. A process that once took days is now done within minutes thanks to the digital age. Audiences are receiving information through a multitude of channels and platforms. What hasn’t changed is the intense pressure media professionals are under to create commercial production that sells. 

Speedy Spots is here to relieve you of some of that pressure, allowing you to spend more time with the creative process.  We offer an affordable voice talent service that provides over 35 versatile, world-class voice talents, along with customer service that is beyond compare.  From pronunciations to the final mix, our professional staff cares about your satisfaction. At Speedy Spots, we believe fast turn-around shouldn’t come at the cost of quality.  And great quality shouldn’t have to cost more. You can have great audio, fast, and within budget.

We strive for quality voice overs and customer service that are second to none. Our proof of quality can be heard in every one of the over 2 million voice overs we've performed. We hope you'll let us prove our commitment to you by trying our service. We believe you'll find that we really can make your broadcast day a whole lot easier.