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In Memory of Johnny On the Spot

Back in 1998, the company you know as Speedy Spots was originally named "Johnny on the Spot". The name was catchy, fitting, and quite simply, we liked it!  In our humble beginning, we hadn't bothered to check whether anyone was already using the name Johnny on the Spot.  We couldn't yet afford a domain of our own, and really had no idea if this voice over idea would work.

It didn't take us long to find out that there was indeed another Johnny on the Spot.  It was the home of a portable toilet company.  We had no intention of doing "crappy" work, so there wasn't a whole lot we had in common. Nevertheless, we had fun trading barbs with clients and talents alike about our new-found alter ego right up until the day one of our hard earned checks was mistakenly sent to, you guessed it, Johnny on the Spot portable toilet service, and their check delivered to us. Johnny on the Spot (toilet) inadvertently cashed our relatively large check leaving us with their check for a meager $20. Three months and plenty of headaches later, the situation was resolved. And only one month after that, we had a new name and domain for our company.

So in the year 1999 Speedy Spots was created and a very nice outhouse was erected in memory of our beloved Johnny on the Spot. We attached our satellite dish to the outhouse to make it feel it was still a part of us and we occasionally still leave a part of us with it.

What's New

~Spanish Department Upcoming Hours ~ 

The Spanish Department will be closed from WED. March 14th to FRI MARCH 23rd.  Requests for Spanish Voiceovers and translation work will not be filled during this time-frame.  Please plan ahead and submit your requests to us before to March 14th so we can fulfill your requests before the break. We will return to the office on MON. MARCH 26th and at that time we can confirm a delivery date for production.